Andrea Horwath claims to stand up for the ‘real’ people of Ontario.

But when the time came to stand up and be counted, Horwath and the NDP sat on their hands, and refused to support our budget.

She refused to support an Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, investing in transit and infrastructure and an expansion of the Ontario Child Benefit.

Does that sound like someone who stands up for real people?

People need to know this, which is why we’re launching a sneak-peek of an ad we plan to air after May 21st, when the Elections Ontario ad blackout period ends.

In it, Premier Kathleen Wynne asks why Andrea Horwath is plunging Ontario into an election. It’s tough, but true – Andrea Horwath rejected our budget which would’ve helped real people.

A politician that puts your priorities at risk can’t be trusted to put your interests first.

We can’t let these important investments disappear. It’s up to us to stop that from happening.